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My Latest Endeavor August 30, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Jen @ 4:55 pm

I’ve decided to learn how to knit, and this is the beginning of my first scarf. Well, if you don’t count the one I tried to make 6 years ago and never finished, and then forgot how I did it in the first place! I’ve made progress on this one and it’s about 1/3 done now. It feels good to see something tangible come out of my effort, since most of the things I spend my time doing don’t provide that kind of satisfaction. I am considering including a list with every scarf I give to someone naming some interesting places I was or things that were happening when it was knit. The story behind the scarf. 🙂 This one will include Buffalo Wild Wings (an exercise in not caring if I look silly), and watching Barack Obama’s nomination acceptance speech. Will post finished product and extended list when it’s done.

(Here is the final product!)100_1626


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