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Grad School Memories April 16, 2009

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So, I’ve updated this site a total of 3 times this year. It didn’t quite serve it’s purpose because I was so busy that keeping up with a blog just seemed like one more to-do. But the past 3 years of grad school, and this one in particular, have been amazing. I went in fresh out of undergrad, not quite sure of what I was getting into. I came out with great friends and a lot more knowledge about people (including myself). I had my first apartment, and my second. I got engaged, married my wonderful husband and enjoyed our first two years together. I lost my 3 remaining grandparents. I gained wonderful parents- and siblings-in-law. I went white water rafting on class 4 rapids, slept in the jungle, zip lined, and ate termites (don’t ask). I had a lot of fun with some great kids I babysat, and watched them grow from one week old to 2 and 3 and 4. I also got to meet my adorable first niece and nephew on the day they were each born and get to know them as they grow into their personalities and their large Wier heads. I completed my internship, which was the most challenging and rewarding thing I’ve done, and my biggest personal accomplishment. I had some amazing people as clients who gave me the privilege of looking into their lives and helping them move toward healing and wholeness. And I am about to graduate with a Masters degree, something I didn’t plan for 4 years ago or know I would do, even up until 9 months ago. It’s been an incredible ride, and before I move on to new places and things, I’d like to post this little tribute to the last 3 years and some of the great people who have been a part of it.