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Priceless… May 31, 2009

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A few of my many little blessings to count this week:

~A successful first attempt at chocolate biscotti (despite my shaky cooking skills and temperamental oven) and feeling like a gourmet Italian chef.

~Overhearing a little boy at a garage sale tell his mom I was pretty and nice.

~Sitting in the chaise with a cup of coffee as the sun came up.

~Deciding to put my job search on hold unless something fell into my lap, and then getting a letter about a really awesome job opening that I kind of unknowingly already applied for.

~Seeing a bright colored bird that I liked, and then noticing there is one one on the cover of my journal that looks similar.

~My 2 year-old niece singing Eye of the Tiger. (Seriously, she knows all the words. I have it on video.)

~Laughing with Ben about llamas.

~Revisiting an old coffee shop I used to go to with my dad.

~New mini-bagels at said coffee shop to solve the dilemma of a regular bagel being too filling.

~Beautiful weather.

~Singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” in church.

~Wearing my twirly skirt.

~Watching my friend’s daughter have her first taste of ice cream ever.



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