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May I Have This Dance? June 7, 2009

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I took a social dance class in college for a gym credit, but seeing as I remember nothing but the eccentric teacher and the brutal gluteal workout she made us do to the “I Like Big Butts” song, going dancing this week with some fun former coworkers was like a new experience for me. It was at a cute little studio in the city that reminded me of Shall We Dance, the Richard Gere movie where he secretly takes dance lessons. In fact, the studio is called May I Have This Dance! Yes, yes you may. It was a little awkward dancing with random people when we rotated partners (guys 40-65 and a young employee who seemed a little snooty), but they were pretty pleasant, and I spent some of the time dancing with Gineen, Cathy, and the female instructor since we were short on guys anyway. We did waltz, salsa, and hustle (no, not the goofy 70’s dance I was thinking of, like the bus stop!) I knew it would be fun even though I was hesitant, but I enjoyed it even more than I expected. I’d like to go back with Ben. It was more fun and easier to follow than the sample class we took before our wedding. Anyway, do a little dance today in honor of this post!


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