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Congratulations, Benjamin! June 15, 2009

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Ben got accepted to U of I today! Woohoo! It is a definite blessing from God and a joy/relief to us, although I had faith that God was going to make it happen. What Ben will be doing is called a PSM degree (Professional Science Masters) in Agricultural Production (a combination of science and agribusiness), specializing in Food Animal Production. It is not the same thing he originally applied for, but basically it’s still animal science masters with an internship and some business classes and without the research and thesis. It is a new program they are just starting this fall, so he will be a member of the first class ever! It is an interesting and exciting concept to the program, but I probably can’t explain it very well given my utter lack of affinity for science. Or should I say “udder”? Haha. Ok, bad joke, but there is actually a class called Udder Health!. But you should ask Ben about it because I have bombed most of my (non-psychology) science classes and complained about them the whole time, leaving my parents understandably surprised when I decided to marry a biology major. Anyway, it is a 1.5 year program, and Ben will likely apply to U of I’s vet school after that, which is a 4 year program. So… we will be moving sometime before August 24th to somewhere in “Cham-bana” and probably be there for a few years. I am still looking for a job and if I can find one soon we are considering buying our first house! Craziness! It will be sad to leave friends and family in the Chicagoland area, but it will be exciting to have our own place, to both be doing what we’re interested in, and putting down some roots, since we have moved and changed churches pretty much every year for quite a while. And we will be closer to Ben’s family and a few friends from college as well, which will be nice. But since my family and many of our friends live up here, I’m sure we will visit often, and you are welcome to visit us any time! Well, I guess it depends who you are, since I have no idea who reads this. But either way, you’re probably welcome. 🙂

I think Ben’s chosen field, and particularly his passion for responsible stewardship practices among other things, are admirable and needed. That said, maybe it’s just the city girl in me, but I can’t help but chuckling to myself at the names of some of the courses he will be taking:

400 Dairy Herd Management

402 Sheep Production

409 Meat Science

435 Milk Quality and Udder Health

438 Lactation Biology

420 Ruminant Nutrition

524 Non-ruminant Nutrition

Hehe. 🙂


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