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A Week of Interesting Adventures June 22, 2009

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~Hung out with 3 of my best friends- all named Jen! That’s what we get for being born in the early 80’s, I guess. (But why do people ask if we are sisters when they hear we’re both named Jen, and convince themselves that we look alike??)
~Got my first pair of tailored jeans
~Survived the hail-y, tornado-y weather and made it to Indiana
~Made it home from Indiana in spite of mysterious car troubles.
~Ran through the pouring rain in heels
~Went to the Neon Cactus piano bar and saw a guy do pretty good impressions of Kenny Chesney, the Beatles, AND Kid Rock.
~Did something I never thought I’d do (and thought my grandma was funny for doing): bought a fake wedding ring.
~Ate Tollhouse cookies during the Tollhouse cookie recall. Oops. (I seem to be ok, but I will let you know if I get salmonella or ecoli or something.)
~Changed clothes in a Walmart bathroom
~Saw Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. For the second time.
~Went to the ultimate mini-golf experience with my dad: 36 holes on 4 levels! I lost.
~Became the only person I know to get injured at a miniature golf course. (I pulled a muscle hopping a fence. Don’t ask.)
~Went to the frilliest, pink-and-brownest, chocolatiest store ever.
~Painted my nails in the car.
~Became the proud owner of an avocado masher.
~Decided I may never go to Coldstone again after nearly avoiding a sugar (and fat) induced coma.


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