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Secrets of the Kingdom August 1, 2009

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In honor of the previous post, one of my poems…

June 2008

Secrets of the Kingdom

Before the eyes of youth could fade

You intrigued my heart

You captivated me with Your mystery

They said You turn the world upside-down

My mind did not yet understand

But my heart could feel the beauty

I wore it proudly

They said You are unchanging

The same yesterday and forever

But I could see…

The cross changes everything.

You made us to explore Your world

Identify, compartmentalize, label and master

You lead us in knowledge, let us come to think in black and white

Then you come in and teach us

That sometimes we must toss it all to the wind

You erase labels, break down walls

You teach us to think with the heart

And love with the will

You lay down your laws

Then you show us that some rules are meant to be broken

Because love trumps everything

You speak in simple stories the intelligent cannot understand

Yet You entrust your wisdom to little children

You crown paupers as royalty

You bestow inheritances on second-born sons

And daughters

And call us the firstfruits of Your creation

You care not for majestic cathedrals

Or thrones that are rightfully Yours

No, You would rather dine with sinners

Sit with the poor in the streets

Dance with the captives as they praise You in the fields

I can dance too

Because You whisper secrets to me

And more than ten thousand stars shimmering in the midnight sky

They are beautiful


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