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Moving Mishaps August 23, 2009

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We are now in Urbana! I will write more about it and post pics soon, but for now I will just tell you about some little disasters I’ve had this week (not all to do with moving but still eventful)!

Mishap #1: Caught Red-Handed.

While unpacking kitchen items I unknowingly handled a poorly sealed bottle of red food coloring and got it on my hand. In an effort to clean it up, I died the other hand red as well. Ben then followed suit.

Mishap #2: Shower of Glass.

While preparing to take a shower, I moved the glass door the wrong way and the whole thing shattered to pieces. Luckily only my arms were under it when it fell from above me, so I escaped with only minor nicks on my hands and arms.

Mishap #3: Stolen Offering.

While dining at a corner table in a Thai restaurant, I noticed a plate on the floor beside my corner seat with a pile of whole garlic cloves on it. While trying to figure out why it was there (“Surely no one ordered it, and it looks pretty fresh. Maybe it is to ward off the smells or the heathen spirits of us customers…”) I picked up the plate to show the others at my table what I encountered. I quickly put it back when one of them told me it was an offering for the little shrine on the floor I had failed to notice! I tried to avoid being seen, but the waitress definitely saw me do it. The trespass may not have been a violation of my own beliefs, but it was certainly a cultural faux pas! Oops.


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