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It’s Quotes Time Again September 15, 2009

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New notable quotables, courtesy of the family (with apologies for the morbidity)…

Words Mom used while telling me about the Harry Potter exhibit:
“Professor Snipe”

Jen: I think you need to brush up on your Harry Potter trivia.
Mom: It’s late, I’m tired!
Jen: It’s only 5:00.
Mom: Well, it’s hard to talk with a tongue ring.


“Did you hear that Paula died? She had cancer. And she didn’t tell anybody! She didn’t tell anybody she died!” -Nancy (mother-in-law), late at night.


“A squirrel got runned over by a truck. And it got dead.” – Olivia (niece, age 2), with the most forlorn look on her face, to everyone who walked in the house.


Ben: I bet coconut oil is expensive.
Jen: Not if you’re a coconut.


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