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Life in the Land Unplugged September 22, 2009

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Ben and I were unsure whether we wanted to pay the monopoly of Comcast a large sum of money for cable and internet, especially since, despite the fact that we are in the 21st century, cable and internet are in actuality a luxury, and we figured we’d at least wait until we have a source of income before we ordered it. We also figured there would be other benefits to not having the distraction of TV and internet, like getting work done sooner, spending time together, reading, and not pouring junk into our minds just because we haven’t thought of a better way to spend our time. We did have cable for a couple weeks since they had not yet shut off the previous renter’s service. We thought that when it was turned off, running the TV through the VCR would allow us to get the basic channels like a converter box, since the broadcast has switched to digital. Once the cable was finally shut off, we realized we were apparently mistaken, and we currently get no channels, except a very, very fuzzy home shopping channel. I might have caved and ordered cable, but we have been doing a Financial Peace University course to learn how to manage and invest money wisely, which is prompting me to save as much as possible. So that means cutting out some of the little luxuries. Therefore, we are currently and indefinitely “unplugged”!

When I’m not having one of those moments where I long for the “interaction” with the outside world the TV brings or wondering if we are crazy, it has actually been pretty fun. We’ve been spending our free time reading Clive Cussler, playing Mexican Train Dominos, and renting old movies and shows from the library. Here’s what we’ve seen so far:

  • Legends of the Fall
  • Tuck Everlasting
  • When Harry Met Sally
  • Bride Wars
  • The Cosby Show, season one

Next in line are Grey’s Anatomy season one and Shakespeare in Love. Maybe we’ll even go really classic and get Casablanca or Citizen Kane or something.

I think it will be kind of a fun adventure, for a little while at least, and I’m sure it will be one of those times we look back on fondly when we’re older. And maybe it will provide you a little amusement or some movie rental ideas! I’ll keep you posted as our rentals progress…


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