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A Fresh Perspective October 10, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Jen @ 4:12 pm

Well, I have started my new job! It’s mostly been a lot of orientation activities and reading policies and procedures manuals, but today I got to observe my coworkers working with a couple of new clients. It was pretty similar to what I have done before, but to be an observer was actually a really good experience. I did not have to worry about collecting and recording all the information or contend with any  nervousness about performing well, so I could just sit back and listen to people’s stories, which stirred up compassion in me in a new way, or at least freed me up to notice it more. Many of these clients are very sweet, hardworking, ‘normal’ people plagued by anxiety, depression, and heart-wrenching situations. They could have been my parents or my friends or me.  And the ones who’s situations are more severe and less easy to understand may be even more deserving of compassion. As a professional I can’t get too emotionally invested in clients’ lives, but it was a good experience to forget about myself and remember why I am doing what I am doing.


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