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Recovery Is… November 10, 2009

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The following is a compilation of quotes from members of the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program at work.

Recovery is…

“Achieving your goals, enjoying your life.”

“Losing the bad part of our habits and replacing them with good habits.”

“Regaining self-respect.”

“Communicate and not isolate.”

“Reclaiming your family.”

“Getting your dignity back.”

“Learning about coping mechanisms.”

“Support and using visualization.”

“Inspirational support.”

“To grow.”

“Getting mentally healthy.”

“Getting better.”

“Help us deal with the outside world better.”

“Going forward.”

“Learning to be able to control our symptoms.”


“Raise your self esteem about yourself.”

“Trying not to kill yourself.”

“Learning to trust again.”

“Trying to make it easier to blend back into society.”

“Living with my stress in a better way.”

“Growing up.”

“Cope with my feelings and deal with illness in a good way.”

“Improving my life.”

“Learning to better yourself.”

“It is a journey.”


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