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More Quotes December 14, 2010

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Sam: What letter does ‘Muppets’ start with?
Me: M. Do you know what a Muppet is?
Sam: Yeah, it’s those things you stick your hand inside and make their mouth move.

Stella (coughing)
Me: Are you okay, Stella?
Stella: Yeah. Just choking.


Me: What are you going to do for Christmas, Sam?
Sam: Eat my breakfast so Santa doesn’t skip my house.


One Response to “More Quotes”

  1. Linda Lee Says:

    I was just looking for pictures of fireflies and your blog came up. Long story short…whoa! I love the pictures and babysitting quotes and favorite things and the saying you have at the end of June 27th about God putting us into his story and letting us be creative.
    I don’t know where you are or who you are, but I’d love to follow the blog if you don’t mind. I’m a middle school teacher at an alternative school who needs to be more creative as an outlet and to use more of the gifts that God packed in my suitcase. LL

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